The Year of Programmatic.

We are at an intersection of marketing automation
where algorithms make media buying decisions,
and Media Buyers become Media Traders.

Fast Data Meets Big Data

– Mobile First Technology.

Our Mobile Demand-Side Platform (DSP), Velocity, was built for mobile from the ground up. Velocity makes complex decisions in millisecond time on billions of ad impressions based on hundreds of audience attributes. We leverage first- and third-party data to help you understand where your consumers are and how to reach them.

We Are Mobile.

We don’t know how to be anything else.
We live in the device. In apps. Where users are. Where engagement happens.
Where campaign performance begins and ends.

Your Audience Our Reach = Audience Delivery At Scale.

Your audience is mobile. They’re everywhere, consuming, responding and sharing everything. Their mobile device is the cornerstone of personalization. It’s how they access information, it’s the epicenter of their decision process, and it yields an unparalleled opportunity to speak with them. moment | M gives you the power to find your audience whether they are local, nationwide, or global.

“We Connect Brands With Audiences Globally”