Adaptive Services

We built moment | M from the ground up to helps brands be great at Amazon. Putting the world’s most powerful e-commerce machine at your fingerprints enabling brands to grow their business. Our multi-level service approach delivers superior performance.

And behind-the-scenes, we continue that performance with a level of expertise and support that perfectly matches your needs and team’s capabilities — enabling you to enter or grow your business in Amazon with unsurpassed ease. We call it adaptive services.

Whether you choose Amazon Advertising Services, Brand Management, or Retail Partnerships, we are here to help you achieve your goals.


Amazon Advertising Services

Unlimited reach, unparalleled results.

If you’re a CPG Brand looking for an Amazon Advertising Agency to help you with Amazon Advertising Services, look no further. Our team of Strategists, Creatives, Media Planners and Buyers, will work with you to help define your goals and implement strategies and tactics that deliver ROI.

From content creation, to creative development, to executing campaigns through the Amazon DSP or Amazon PPC, our mission will be to help you drive sales, lower your ACoS (Advertising Cost of Sale), and grow your brand awareness in the Amazon Channel. Let our team of direct marketers, and brand advertisers who bring years of experience planning, buying, and executing media campaigns, handle your advertising needs.

Brand Management

Let us handle it all.

We here at moment | M know you’re busy, and we know you need a trusted partner to help you manage the Amazon Channel. In-house teams are expensive and eat into profits. We created Brand Management to be an integral part of your firm and knowledge bank without having to hire a full-time staff.

Through Brand Management we are a Consultant that works directly with Amazon on your behalf through Vendor Central to help you set up and manage the Amazon Channel. This includes but is not limited too; Contract Negotiations, New Item Set Ups, Inventory Management, PO Management, Review Management, Content Creation and Advertising.


Retail Partnerships

Let’s Grow Together.

We love brands and geek out on products we dig so much that we are willing to partner with selective brands that we feel would be a great fit for our retail portfolio in our Amazon Seller Central Account. Just like the brands we represent through our Advertising Services and Brand Management, under our Retail Partnership relationships, we take it a step further and will partner with brands on a rev share model.

We handle these relationships differently and are extremely selective which products we partner with. For starters we have to love your products, they must be completely differentiated, have a potential for high velocity in sales with high margins.

Additionally, we will not take on any two competing products in the same category or if we already have a similar product under management through one of our other services. So, if you think your product has what it takes to enter our portfolio we would love to hear from you!